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Dry January Survival Sale

Dry January Survival Sale! Other Half, The Veil & Equilibrium

*All the beers from this week's release can be found here from tomorrow 14.00.*

Hey all,

We want to congratulate you all by making it through dry January (no shaming if you didn't participate!)

To celebrate, we are doing a sale on all of our IPAs from Other Half, The Veil and Equilibrium. You deserve it after last months struggle!

The beers will be sold in bundles:

Other Half
2 x DDH Oh...Dream - DDH Oat Creme IPA 6.2%
2 x DDH Small Galaxy Everything - DDH IPA 6.5%
2 x Mash Tun Time Machine - West Coast DIPA 8%

The Veil
Different - DIPA w. Cascade & Motueka 8%
Needy - IPA w. Citra, Galaxy & Motueka 6%
Nerve Endings3 - TDH IPA w. Red Wheat, El Dorado & Nelson 6%
Stay Hydrate3: Enhanced - TDH IPA w. Citra, Galaxy, Wakatu & Motueka 6%
Terrify - DIPA w. Phantasm 8%

Ambrosia Punch - IPA w. Pineapple, Raspberries, Sweet Cherries, Oranges, Marshmallow, Strata & Galaxy hops 7%
Astro Fluff - IPA w. Marshmallow 6.5%
Astrophysics - IPA 6.5%
Double Fractal Gosper Island - DIPA 8.5%
Fractal Citra - IPA 6.8%
Fractal HBC 586/Citra - IPA 6.8%
Hop Layers - Pale Ale 5.5%
MC2 - DIPA 8%
Wavelength - IPA 6.5%

The Big Bundle
One of each can from all 3 breweries

All beers in the bundle are canned in November and December 2021. They have all been stored cold. All dates have been checked with the breweries, and all the beers are in fine condition.

The beers are releasing tomorrow Friday 4th of February at 14:00.


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